My Interaction with this reviewer Pat Pires of Viatour Films

Wow. Where do I start? Mr. Patrick Pires of Viatour Films and Management Services in Miami, Florida sent me a message out of the blue offering his services to write for me. I do all my writing myself, so I responded “No thanks.” Pat Pires then replied that my content was “worthless”, so I told him to basically take a hike and blocked him from viewing more of my information.

Google notified me that Pat Pires of ViaTour Films wrote a bad review on my practice, which bothered me because he is not and never was a patient of mine. I take my reputation very seriously, as I try to always do my best for my patients. If a patient is unhappy with me and wants to review me poorly then that’s their prerogative. But a writer soliciting his business trying to badmouth me because I turned him down? Then I discovered he also appears to have bashed me on, making it look like he was a possible disgruntled patient.

Here is the direct message thread that proceeded. If you are reading this, thank you for considering me to be your doctor. I think you will agree with me that this whole interaction is just unnecessary! I tried to repay his insults with kindness, but to no avail. I feel like this world is currently so filled with hate and anger, and it’s sad that people like him act this way. I hope Pat Pires of ViaTour Films finds peace some day.