Laser Procedures

Laser Hair Removal

YOUN Plastic Surgery offers an advanced method in long-lasting hair reduction. Treatments are comfortable, quick and effective. The technology we use for hair removal effectively treats hair of all skin types, including tanned skin, with no adverse effects. Patients can resume a normal lifestyle within minutes of treatment. Depending on hair and skin type several treatments may be needed. The initial consultation and a test spot are complimentary. Laser hair removal is not effective with blond or gray hair.

Laser Vein Therapy

We can now successfully treat a wide range of unsightly vascular lesions, including fine facial veins and spider veins. Our treatments are minimally-invasive, fast, safe and effective. Because there are no painful injections, patients can resume normal activities within minutes of treatment. With Laser Vein Therapy results can be seen in three to four weeks, although may require several treatments and a test spot. The Cynergy Multiplex laser can combine the two lasers (Pulsed Dye and Ng-YAG) to effectively treat many vascular lesions.

Laser Facial

The LaserFACIAL is an advanced laser therapy to promote vibrant and healthy looking skin in both men and women. This treatment affects the innermost layers of skin by stimulating new collagen production, which is the support structure for healthy skin. Fine lines, large pores, “orange peel” texture, rosacea, and overall ruddiness can all be improved by the LaserFACIAL. It is also a good treatment for rosacea. Best of all, the LaserFACIAL is painless and has no downtime!
Results are maximized by combining the LaserFACIAL with other treatments, such as medical grade skin care, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels.

Laser Scar Treatments

YOUN Plastic Surgery offers laser treatments to decrease the redness of scars. In some cases, the thickness of scars is reduced as well. Dr. Youn can combine laser scar treatments with topical therapies or injections to improve the appearance of both old and new scars. Unfortunately, some scars, like keloids, can be resistant to treatment.

Syneron Elight Fotofacial

YOUN Plastic Surgery offers the state-of-the-art Syneron eLight Fotofacial. This painless treatment is extremely effective in reducing age spots, freckles, sun damage, and pigmentary blemishes. Our aestheticians perform this ‘lunchtime’ procedure five days a week.

ReFirme Skin Tightening

We are proud to offer noninvasive ReFirme™ skin tightening treatments.  This is a FDA cleared non-invasive Skin Tightening procedure featuring the revolutionary elôs™ technology that enables you to comfortably achieve a more youthful, toned and lifted appearance without enduring downtime. The ReFirme™ ST procedure combines safe and effective levels of infrared light and bipolar radiofrequency (electric current) energies to remodel the dermal layer of the skin by stimulating new collagen growth.  Wrinkles are reduced, skin is tightened, and the years are removed.  Patients can return to work immediately.


Dr. Youn and his team are proud to offer Fractora, the most advanced fractional radio-frequency (RF) treatment today. Fractora improves the tone and texture of the skin, creating a more radiant appearance through ablation and skin resurfacing.

Fractora delivers fractional RF energy to the skin through an array of pins producing localized heat and small micro-injuries in the treatment area. The gentle heat generated by Fractora in the deeper skin promotes collagen restructuring for skin rejuvenation and an improved appearance in the skin. The fractional micro-injuries allow the skin to heal faster than if the entire area was ablated.

Fractora is performed in our office by Paula. Please call for a free consultation on one of the most advanced skin rejuvenation treatments today!

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