Otoplasty (Ear Pinback)

If your ears stick out like President Obama’s or Will Smith’s, and you want to pin them back, then the only effective treatment is an otoplasty.

In this operation a small incision is made in the crease behind the ear allowing the plastic surgeon to use a combination of techniques (such as placement of permanent sutures and removal of overgrown cartilage) to set the ears back. The surgery takes a couple hours and when completed your head is then wrapped with gauze, resembling a turban. There is very little pain in the recovery, and most people are back to normal activity within just a couple days, often wearing an athletic handband to protect the results. This surgery isn’t without risks, though, because even a little bit of bleeding that goes untreated can result in the dreaded cauliflower ear. Yikes!

Many plastic surgeons perform otoplasty on children, sometimes as young as 7-9 years of age, since their ears are pretty much fully grown by then. In my opinion, that’s too young for what is essentially a cosmetic surgery, so I only perform it on people at least several years older.

Unfortunately, there are no non-surgical ways to pin back ears.

But if you do have ears that stick out, who’s to say that you have to do anything about them anyway?  In an interview with People magazine, Kate Hudson revealed that she was called “Dumbo” by kids growing up since her ears were so prominent. And she went on to be named one of the magazine’s Most Beautiful People in the world!

Learn more about otoplasty by Dr. Youn by clicking HERE.

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