Don’t Put These In Your Mouth!

  • Posted on: May 14 2020
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There are certain things that you should never put in your mouth! If you do, you could be risking more than you bargained for in terms of your health.

Here are four things you should avoid putting in your mouth. Just don’t do it!

Fat Free Salad Dressing: You might find this hard to believe, but fat free salad dressing is not healthier for you! These products are loaded with sugar to replace the fat, which will cause you to gain weight and accelerate the aging appearance of your skin. Stick with regular salad dressing instead, and use it sparingly.

Ice Cubes: If you bite on ice cubes, you could be damaging the enamel of your teeth! The enamel protects your teeth and will not come back once it’s lost. Resist the urge!

Fingernails: For some, it’s a difficult habit to break, but you should! Fingernails are often dirty, and bacteria could be lying underneath them that could make you really sick! You also could develop an infection called a paronychia that can require strong antibiotics and even surgery in some cases.

Energy Drinks: This is the worst drink to put into your mouth! They’re packed with sugar and caffeine, which negatively impacts your body and skin. Keep in mind caffeine is addictive and energy drinks have upwards of three times the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. Yikes! Stay away from these, especially if you have a heart condition. Studies have shown that energy drinks and heart conditions definitely do NOT mix.

Keep these four things out of your mouth for better health!

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Episode #186 Keto-Green 16– A New Way to Lose Weight and Feel Great with Dr. Anna Cabeca – “No matter what I do or eat, I seem to gain weight.”

This is a common statement that I hear from so many of my female patients as they enter their 30s, 40s, and 50s. Eating a healthy diet, counting calories, and exercising regularly don’t always seem to cut it. So what is a woman to do?

My guest this week has created a simple program to help women (and men) lose weight and feel great. The keys involve a ketogenic diet, alkaline foods, stress reduction, and paying attention to your hormones. These can all interact to create a beautiful symphony that is an optimally functioning body where the pounds come off and the energy soars.

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Episode #185PANDAS and PANS – What Every Parent Must Know with Dr. Scott Antoine – PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections) and PANS (Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome) are childhood conditions where children develop abrupt changes in behavior caused by the body’s response to an underlying infection or exposure. Previously scoffed at by conventional physicians as being false diagnoses, more and more doctors are realizing that this is a real problem for many children.

On this episode, I’m joined by an expert in treating PANDAS and PANS using a truly integrative medical approach. We reveal how to tell if your child is suffering from one of these conditions, what treatments can help, and why they are so often misdiagnosed.

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