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facial reshaping – case 2

January 26, 2016
by AdviceMedia

this patient had a wide, round face which was made thinner by a buccal lipectomy, submental liposuction, and a chin augmentation.

facial reshaping – case 6

by AdviceMedia

this patient presented with a bottom heavy face. it made her look heavier than she really was. this was improved by a lower facelift, which removed the extra fat and tightened up loose skin and muscle in the lower face and neck. the result makes her look more youthful and like she’s lost weight.

facial reshaping – case 5

by AdviceMedia

this patient presented with a long face, which had become thinner with age. facial fat grafting was performed to fill her face out, making it look less thin and long. the result is a softer and more youthful look.

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