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breast correction – case 2

January 26, 2016
by AdviceMedia

this patient had a capsular contracture of the right breast with the implant unnaturally elevated under the muscle. dr. youn performed a release of the capsular scar tissue and placed implants in a new pocket above the muscle, causing them to become softer and move more naturally.

breast correction – case 1

by AdviceMedia

this patient had severe capsular contracture from ruptured old silicone gel implants. they were corrected by dr. youn with a capsulectomy (scar tissue removal), removal of her ruptured implants, and placement of more appropriate sized implants. her breasts are now soft and move normally.

breast correction – case 6

by AdviceMedia

this patient had old, hard, ruptured silicone implants which were replaced by new memory gel silicone implants and the breasts softened.

breast correction – case 5

by AdviceMedia

this patient had severe breast asymmetry and unnaturally hard, elevated breasts after her breast augmentation was performed by another plastic surgeon. dr. youn released her scar tissue and placed new implants, creating a soft, natural, symmetrical result. the space between her breasts is part of her normal anatomy.

breast correction – case 4

by AdviceMedia

this patient had a ‘snoopy deformity.’ a previous surgeon placed textured implants under the muscle, resulting in hard and unnaturally elevated breasts. dr. youn removed the old implants, placed new implants into new pockets above the muscle, and performed lifts. her breasts are now soft and more realistic.

breast correction – case 7

by AdviceMedia

this patient had severely asymmetric breasts. she underwent a breast augmentation to create better symmetry.

breast correction – case 11

by AdviceMedia

this patient underwent correction of botched surgery by a local ent facial plastic surgeon. the ent created the poorly placed scars inside her areolas.

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