SculpSure is the non-invasive fat reduction device that I have in my office. It’s made by Cynosure, the same company that developed Smartlipo, and is the first heat-based laser that is FDA cleared for noninvasive reduction of fat in the abdomen and flanks. Some doctors are also using it on other parts of the body.

Each treatment takes about twenty-five minutes (less than the one hour of CoolSculpting), and most doctors recommend one or two treatments to see a nice result.  You can have up to four small (the size of a playing card) areas treated at once, or combine the four small areas into one large one.  The treatment can come with some minor discomfort (your fat is getting burned away, so what would you expect?) but most people tolerate it just fine.

Studies have shown that one treatment of SculpSure can reduce the thickness of fat by an average of 24%, similar to the results described for CoolSculpting. As with the other noninvasive fat reducers, results can take six weeks to be visible, with up to twelve weeks for maximal reduction.

It offers plastic surgeons a great option to achieve what I consider the Holy Grail of plastic surgery: fat loss without dieting, exercise, or surgery.

Learn more about Sculpsure at YPS by clicking HERE.

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