Chin Augmentation

Chin implants are the only permanent facial implants that I recommend.  These implants are composed of solid silicone rubber (I get mine from a company called Implantech) and are inserted either through an incision under the chin or via the inside of the mouth.  The implant sits like a “hand in a glove” in a pocket that lies between the bone of the chin and the overlying bony covering called the periosteum.

These implants usually don’t need to be replaced (unlike breast implants), but they can have other long-term consequences, namely reabsorption of the bone underneath them.  Because of that, and the wide array of long-lasting injectable fillers now available to us, chin implants are losing favor with some doctors.

However, if you have a small chin which detracts from the harmony of your face, and you are interested in a permanent result, then a chin augmentation with a solid silicone implant just might be a reasonable procedure for you.

To learn more about Dr. Youn performing your chin augmentation, click HERE.

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