Sculptra is the only non-hyaluronic acid (HA) filler that I recommend.  It’s a powder made with poly-L-lactic acid (similar to what we use to make absorbable sutures) mixed with sterile water.  The mixture is injected in small, dilute amounts to plump up areas of your face.

I like to use it mainly in the cheeks, cheek hollows, and temples.  I do not recommend that you have it injected into your lips or around your mouth, otherwise you will risk significant lumps.

After undergoing a Sculptra treatment, you will initially see the areas look plumped up.  However, after a day or two the fullness will disappear as the water gets reabsorbed.  The Sculptra powder that is left behind interacts with the surrounding tissues to create new collagen and gradually thicken the area.  We strongly recommend massaging the areas for three minutes, every three hours, for the first three days after the session.

Depending on how much Sculptra is injected, it can take two or three treatments to see a change.  We usually space our Sculptra treatments 6-8 weeks apart, and most patients undergo at least 3 treatments for maximal results.  Studies show Sculptra results can last two years, often more.

Even though Sculptra doesn’t have an antidote like HA fillers, I’m not as concerned about intravascular injection like I am with other non-HA fillers.  Sculptra is usually so dilute that this may not be as big a deal if it’s accidentally injected into a blood vessel.

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