Healing From Post Birth Control Syndrome With Dr. Jolene Brighten

(Episode 26): Healing From Post Birth Control Syndrome With Dr. Jolene Brighten

Are you or have you ever been on birth control pills? If so, then this week’s podcast is a must-listen. My guest this week is one of the nation’s leading naturopathic physicians teaching about how birth control pills can be hazardous to your health. Every day millions of women take birth control pills not just for contraception, but for treating symptoms such as acne and painful periods. Are they really doing their bodies a service, or are they masking issues that will rear their ugly heads years or even decades from now?

On this week’s podcast we discuss just exactly what is Post Birth Control Syndrome, why women get it, and how to treat it. The symptoms often start four to six months after discontinuing birth control pills, and can have devastating consequences for some women. We reveal other, potentially better alternatives for contraception, and I even call out the guys by giving my perspective on the ideal form of birth control.

Join me and my good friend, Dr. Jolene Brighten, as we reveal how to heal from Post Birth Control Syndrome.

Episode 26 Promo: Healing From Post Birth Control Syndrome with Dr. Jolene Brighten

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