The Newest Advances In Anti-Aging Treatments With Wendy Lewis

(Episode 54): The Newest Advances In Anti-Aging Treatments With Wendy Lewis

Have you heard of probiotic skin care? What about thread lifts like the new Silhouette Lift? Or maybe you’ve heard that there is a new laser that melts your fat while you are at home watching TV? Yes, these are just a few of the fascinating new advances in skin care and anti aging treatments that most patients, and even most doctors, don’t know about yet.

So that’s why on this episode of The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show I’ve enlisted the help of America’s premiere beauty guru. She’s been in the industry for decades. She’s seen highly hyped products and treatments come and go and, possibly more than anyone else on the planet, has her finger on the pulse of anti-aging treatments. We’ll discuss the latest and greatest skin care and anti-aging treatments available today, and what you can expect to see in plastic surgeons’ and dermatologists’ offices in the near future.

Join me and my guest, Wendy Lewis, as we reveal The Newest Advances in Anti-Aging Treatments.

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