10 Things Every
Plastic Surgery Patient
Must Know

cover_ten_things_every_plastic_surgery_patient_must_know_cover_2Thank you for your interest in my free eBook 10 Things Every Plastic Surgery Patient Must Know.

If you are considering any type of plastic surgery, whether it’s chemical peels, laser treatments, injections like Botox, or actual surgery, I’ve written this simple, must-read guide just for you. I address important questions such as:

How do I tell which plastic surgeons get the best results?

How do I choose the right plastic surgeon for me?

Will my health insurance pay for my plastic surgery?

How do I avoid becoming a victim of botched plastic surgery?

Can I get the results I’m looking for without going under the knife?

And many more.

Whether you live in Detroit, New York, Miami, or Los Angeles, this eBook is an extremely valuable starting point in your journey into the realm of plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments.

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