Asian Eyelid Surgery

It has become very common in Asian countries, especially South Korea where my ancestors are from, to perform Asian eyelid surgeries on most women and some men.  These operations are often performed on girls, even as young as their early teens.

Full disclosure: I performed this operation once during my early practice.  I stopped performing the surgery after I questioned whether it was really the right thing to do.

Asian eyelid surgeries are performed to create an extra crease of the eyelid that is missing in most Asians.  Essentially, it’s a Westernization of the eyelids.

No matter what people may say, such as “We’re just bringing out the beauty of the Asian eyes,” or “It’s not Westernizing, it’s enhancing beauty,” etc. let’s just call it what it is: making an Asian person look more Caucasian.

What’s wrong with “looking Asian?”  As the father of a daughter who does not have the extra crease on her eyelids, the thought that my little girl wouldn’t think she looks beautiful without undergoing an operation is horrifying to me.

It is also disturbing that in the Korean culture, some mothers and fathers are pushing their daughters to have this operation performed.  Yes, it’s a cultural thing, but I don’t agree with it.

For these reasons, Asian Eyelid Surgery is on my Holistic Beauty Blacklist.

Note: This is based solely on the opinions of Dr. Youn, which do not necessarily reflect the opinions of all doctors or the standard of care in your area. Before you undergo any invasive cosmetic treatment, make sure you consult with a real board-certified plastic surgeon.

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