Mesotherapy is the practice of injecting a custom formula of chemicals into unwanted fat to cause the fat to melt away.

It was a popular treatment amongst phony cosmetic doctors in the mid-2000’s, and is still practiced today by some of them.

The problem I have with mesotherapy isn’t that it doesn’t work.  Often it does.

The problem I have with it is that there is no standardization and testing of mesotherapy.  Basically, it’s any doctor’s witches’ brew of chemicals that he or she creates and injects in dozens, if not hundreds, of injections. I know of one doctor who’s an Ear-Nose-Throat physicians who had a compound pharmacy brew this up for him.

Not surprisingly, with a couple years he went out of business and is now jumping from one cheapo cosmetic center to another.

If you want to get rid of unwanted fat without surgery, there are many, many Dr. Youn Approved options for you.  These include Sculpsure, Coolsculpting, and Kybella (a standardized, safe, proven, and FDA-approved version of mesotherapy).

Mesotherapy is potentially unsafe, ineffective, and unpredictable.  For these reasons, Mesotherapy is on my Holistic Beauty Blacklist.

Note: This is based solely on the opinions of Dr. Youn, which do not necessarily reflect the opinions of all doctors or the standard of care in your area. Before you undergo any invasive cosmetic treatment, make sure you consult with a real board-certified plastic surgeon.

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