PRP To Fill The Face
Or Breasts

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is one of the most revolutionary regenerative treatments to come about in years.  Our plasma is full of growth factors, which can exert profound healing and anti-aging effects when injected into parts of our body.  PRP has been used effectively for healing injuries, thickening hair, rejuvenating the private parts, and improving the skin.

However, that doesn’t mean that PRP can do everything.  Many years ago PRP was touted as the next great facial filler.  I even tested it out on patients for national and local television.  The belief was that injecting the PRP would create a natural plumping effect in the skin and subcutaneous tissues.

Unfortunately, the results were pretty disappointing.  I injected PRP into the faces of many patients to fill in nasolabial folds and plump the cheeks.  We saw only a very mild plumping effect, definitely not worth the cost to the patients.  For this reason, I stopped performing PRP injections to fill the face.

Doctors are now using PRP as a breast lift and filling procedure as well.  Although I haven’t performed this procedure, I can’t imagine that it actually works.  If PRP can’t fill in wrinkles of the face, how can it fill in the much larger breasts?

It can’t.

For these reasons, PRP to Fill the Face or Breasts are on my Holistic Beauty Blacklist.

Note: This is based solely on the opinions of Dr. Youn, which do not necessarily reflect the opinions of all doctors or the standard of care in your area. Before you undergo any invasive cosmetic treatment, make sure you consult with a real board-certified plastic surgeon.

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