Stacked Breast Implants

It’s more than an urban legend.

Some women have more than one breast implant in each breast.  This is called “stacking” breast implants.  It’s been rumored that Pam Anderson and the late Anna Nicole Smith had stacked breast implants.

The problems with stacked breast implants are pretty obvious.  Excessive size and stretch of the skin, implant displacement, and heaviness causing back and neck pain are common when using large breast implants.

I’ve never performed this operation, and never will.  In fact, I’ve never even seen it performed, although I saw one presentation from a plastic surgeon from France who claimed that he did this.

It’s a bad idea.  If your plastic surgeon recommends it, run away and find another doctor.

For these reasons, Stacked Breast Implants are on my Holistic Beauty Blacklist.

Note: This is based solely on the opinions of Dr. Youn, which do not necessarily reflect the opinions of all doctors or the standard of care in your area. Before you undergo any invasive cosmetic treatment, make sure you consult with a real board-certified plastic surgeon.

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