It seems like plastic surgeons make the same mistakes every generation.

In 2005, there was an explosion in doctors performing threadlifts.  These were plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and even family doctors offering these minimally invasive lifting procedures using barbed sutures.  These docs would claim that the barbed threads would create non-surgical facelifts.

After a year or two of everyone and his uncle offering these procedures, it became clear that threadlifts had two main issues.  First, the results would only last 6-12 months, maximum.  Second, the threads were often made of permanent sutures, so long after the results had faded, patients were dealing with little bits of thread protruding from tiny holes in their faces.

So the threadlift phenomenon died off, and very few doctors performed them.

Until recently.  Now there is a resurgence in thread lifts, mainly by a newer, younger generation of plastic surgeons.  One key difference, however, is that the threads being used are absorbable.

So the second problem of complications from permanent threads appears to be solved.  But what about the first problem?  Do today’s threadlifts have longer lasting results than yesterday’s.

Time will tell, but I’m not jumping on the threadlift bandwagon like some of my peers.  I still question whether these barbed sutures can really give the long-term results that patients want.

And for this reason, Threadlifts are on my Holistic Beauty Blacklist.

Note: This is based solely on the opinions of Dr. Youn, which do not necessarily reflect the opinions of all doctors or the standard of care in your area. Before you undergo any invasive cosmetic treatment, make sure you consult with a real board-certified plastic surgeon.

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