I’ve said before that fat loss without surgery, needles, dieting, or exercise is the Holy Grail of plastic surgery.  Coolsculpting is the original non-invasive fat reducing treatment that is effective at accomplishing this.  Studies show that you can achieve upwards of 24% reduction of the thickness of your fat after just one 60 minute treatment.

Coolsculpting functions on the fact that the skin is hardier than the fat underneath it.  The treatment cools the skin to such an extent that the fat underneath is irreversibly damaged, whereas the skin is left healthy and undisturbed.  Within a couple months the body removes the damaged fat cells using natural means (you poop it out).

The treatment is well-tolerated although somewhat uncomfortable.  Afterwards the area of fat that is treated looks and feels like a numb, frozen stick of butter.  Some doctors use specialized devices to massage and further damage the fat for potentially better results.

Coolsculpting is one of the gold standards for non-invasive fat reduction, although the results are overall fairly modest.  Don’t expect liposuction-type results.

Another caveat to Coolsculpting is the reports of paradoxical fat thickening after the treatment.  In approximately 1% of patients, the treated fat doesn’t shrink, but instead enlarges.  It’s not common, but a well-reported potential consequence of the treatment.

But, if you have some stubborn areas of fat that you’d like removed, and you’re not interested in surgery or Kybella, then Coolsculpting just might be a valid option for you.

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