This is an absorbable mesh that can function as an ‘internal bra.’  Plastic surgeons often suture Galashape 3-D into the breast to give it additional long-term support after a breast lift (mastopexy).  Using it for this purpose is currently considered an ‘off-label’ use by the FDA, but is as close as we have to an internal bra.

Galashape 3-D is completely absorbed by the body within about a year, leaving behind a scaffolding of scar tissue that theoretically can help prevent the breast from re-drooping.  It can also be combined with breast implants to help prevent the dreaded “bottoming out” that can occur.

I’ve used it on many of my patients with a very low rate of complications.  Although it hasn’t been around long enough to see if the results last ten years or longer, I have high hopes that it could.

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