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CW Street Beat – May, 2011 – Interview About In Stitches – Dr. Youn discusses plastic surgery, medicine, medical school, and being Asian American in this interview on the CW’s Street Beat.

Fox 2 Detroit – May 16, 2011 – In Stitches – Memoir About Medical School – Youn, author of “In Stitches,” a humorous memoir about growing up Asian American and becoming a doctor, discusses his book on Fox Detroit with Deena Centofanti.

NBC News Detroit – March 29, 2010 – Dr. Youn Demonstrates 3D Breast Augmentation – Dr. Youn demonstrates the Axis Three Portrait 3D Machine for predicting breast augmentation results and implant sizes.

Fox News Detroit – March 3, 2010 – Dr. Youn Answers Audience Plastic Surgery Questions – Dr. Youn discusses plastic surgery gone wrong, how to find a good plastic surgeon, and other cosmetic surgery-related questions.

NBC News Detroit – July 5, 2009 – Dr. Youn Presents Dysport, A Botox Alternative – Dr. Youn demonstrates and discusses Dysport, the new Botox competitor and wrinkle reducer, as aired on NBC Detroit, Michigan.

Fox News Detroit – June 29, 2009 – Botox of Armpits for Excessive Sweating with Prancer of VH1 I Love Money 2 – Dr. Youn is featured on a Fox segment performing Botox injections to the armpits for excessive sweating. Prancer, reality star of VH1 I Love Money and Flavor of Love, is the patient who is presented.

Fox News Detroit – June 24, 2009 – Dr. Youn Presents Latisse for Eyelashes – Dr. Youn presents a patient who tried Latisse to lengthen her eyelashes for Fox News.

NBC News Detroit – Feb 2009 – The Top 4 Hottest Procedures Procedures of 2008, And Why You Should Avoid Them – Dr. Youn describes 4 of the hottest plastic surgery procedures… and why you should avoid them.

ABC News Detroit – Nov. 28, 2008 – Breast Cancer Screening in Women with Implants – Dr. Youn discusses how women with breast implants should screen themselves for breast cancer. As seen on ABC News. Mammograms and breast self exams are discussed.

Fox News Detroit – July 22, 2008 – Chemical Peel & Skin Care of the Back – Dr. Youn demonstrates a chemical clay peel of the back for Fox Detroit.

Fox News Detroit – July 21, 2008 – Dr. Youn Demonstrates Anti-Cellulite Treatments – Dr. Youn demonstrates anti-cellulite Dermosonic treatments for Fox News.

Fox News Detroit – July 20, 2008 – Dr. Youn Demonstrates Laser Spider Vein Removal – Dr. Youn demonstrates removal of spider veins using a laser on Fox News.

Fox News Detroit – July 19, 2008 – Laser Hair Removal In Michigan with Dr. Youn – Dr. Youn describes laser hair removal for Fox 2 News Detroit.

Fox News Detroit – Nov 28, 2007 – Mommy Makeover w/Dr. Tony Youn – Dr. Youn performs a Mommy Makeover (Tummy tuck, breast lift, liposuction) on a mom in Metro Detroit, Michigan for Fox.

Fox News Detroit – Sept 19, 2007 – Breast Augmentation with Silicone Gel Implants – Dr. Youn performs a breast augmentation using Mentor Memory gel implants on a segment with Fox 2 Detroit.

Fox News Detroit – March 20, 2007 – Tummy Tuck in Michigan with Dr. Youn – Dr. Youn demonstrates a tummy tuck on Fox Detroit.

NBC News Detroit – Dec 20, 2006 – Tummy tuck Plastic Surgery as a Gift in Michigan – Dr. Youn performs a tummy tuck on a patient as a gift from her spouse, filmed for NBC Detroit.

NBC News Detroit – Sept 2006 – Dr. Youn Treats A Botched Surgery Patient – Dr. Youn performs corrective breast implant surgery on a woman who underwent a dozen botched surgeries previously by a different surgeon.

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