Create Your Own Skincare With Rachael Pontillo

(Episode 12): Create Your Own Skincare With Rachael Pontillo

Have you ever thought about making your own skin care products? Well, why would you do that when it’s so easy to just buy your skin care products at the drugstore like most other people?

Well, if you take a look at the list of ingredients of your favorite creams, you might be surprised at just how many ingredients are used to make up something as simple as a moisturizer for your hands. Ingredients like methylparabens, aluminum silicate, and even fragrances can actually be unhealthy for your skin and your health. While you may think the FDA is watching over these cosmetics companies and preventing them from putting harmful additives into your moisturizers and anti-aging creams, in reality they are not. You can be unknowingly exposing yourself to potential carcinogens and hormone-disrupters.

Knowing this is an issue, my next guest has made it her life’s mission to educate consumers, like you and me, how to make our own skin care products using all-natural and safe ingredients. By making your own skin care products at home, you will know exactly what you’re putting on your – and your children’s- skin.

Please join me and my friend, licensed aesthetician Rachael Pontillo, as we reveal why you should make your own skincare.

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