The Hormone Secret
With Dr. Tami Meraglia

(Episode 7): The Hormone Secret
With Dr. Tami Meraglia

Have you gained weight in recent years, even though your activity levels and eating habits haven’t changed? Do you wake up in the morning more tired than you were when you went to bed? Maybe you feel that your workouts haven’t given you the results you expected they would? Or maybe your mind isn’t functioning quite like it used to, and you’re experiencing the dreaded brain fog that bothers so many of us? You may have even seen your doctor, had some tests run, and been told that everything is “normal.”

Well, if you are female and any of these things describes you, then my guest this episode may just have the solution for your problems. The secret may lie in your hormones.

Please join me and double board-certified naturopathic and integrative medicine specialist, Dr. Tami Meraglia as we reveal The Hormone Secret.

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