Improve Your Health
Using Fermented Foods
With Summer Bock

(Episode 22): Improve Your Health
Using Fermented Foods
With Summer Bock

Kefir. Kim Chi. Sauerhkraut. Kombucha. These and other fermented foods have become a hot topic among nutritionists and naturopathic physicians. We are learning that these types of foods can play integral part of our paths to health and wellness. But unfortunately, our standard American diet has all but eliminated these probiotic-abundant foods from our plates. Why has this happened? How can fermented foods improve the health of your gut, your microbiome, your energy levels, and even your skin? And, is it safe to make your own fermented foods at home?

On this episode of the Holistic Plastic Surgery Show, I’m joined by an expert in microbiology and gut health. We get to the bottom of why you need to add fermented foods into your diet, and how you can use these foods to dramatically improve your health and digestion.

Join me and my good friend, Master Fermentationist Summer Bock, as we reveal how to Improve Your Health Using Fermented Foods.

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