The Man Behind Dr. Miami
With Dr. Michael Salzhauer

(Episode 6): The Man Behind Dr. Miami
With Dr. Michael Salzhauer

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Miami, then I bet your kids have.

Dr. Miami, otherwise known as Dr. Michael Salzhauer, is currently the King of Snapchat, with millions of people watching his sometimes funny, often educational, occasionally bloody, but always entertaining videos every day. His snaps have also caused an uproar among some fellow plastic surgeons about whether what he’s doing is unprofessional and should be stopped.

No matter what you think of Dr. Miami, no one can question that he has become a global phenomenon. He is arguably the most famous plastic surgeon in the country. So what’s the real story of Dr. Miami? Is he the guy you see on Snapchat, goofing off wearing a king’s crown while holding a scepter, or is this just an act?

They call him Dr. Miami. He’s a plastic surgeon and he makes people feel better about their bodies. You can watch him as he Snapchats his way through the week.

On this episode of Look, Live, and Be Better, I get the real scoop. Please join me and Dr. Michael Salzhauer as we explore The Man Behind Dr. Miami.

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