Reverse Heart Disease
Naturally With
Dr. Joel Kahn

(Episode 17): Reverse Heart Disease
Naturally With
Dr. Joel Kahn

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. One out of every 4 deaths every year, over 600,000 men and women, are attributed to this deadly condition. In our culture, we’ve been conditioned to blame heart attacks, hypertension, and coronary artery disease on genetics, or aging, or not seeing the doctor and taking the right medications.

It’s all a load of hooey.

You are causing your heart disease by not getting enough sleep, stressing too much, not exercising, and especially eating the wrong foods. My next guest has made it his life’s mission to show you how to prevent and reverse heart disease using holistic means. He’s taken patients who are cardiac cripples- people who’ve had multiple bypass operations and been told by their doctors that it’s hopeless and to get their affairs in order- and completely reversed their heart disease so they are climbing mountains less than a year later. And he does this using the power of food and lifestyle.

He’s the doctor Big Pharma hates but you need to know.

I’d love for you to meet him. Please join me and America’s Healthy Heart Doc, Dr. Joel Kahn, as we reveal how to reverse heart disease naturally on the Holistic Plastic Surgery Show.

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