A Revolutionary Diet To Treat Chronic Autoimmune Conditions

(Episode 10): A Revolutionary Diet To Treat Chronic Autoimmune Conditions

Did you know that upwards of 70% or more of the risk of autoimmune disease, mental health issues, cancer, and, in fact, most chronic diseases is determined by diet, toxin exposure, and activity level? And, because of this, dramatically changing your diet and your exposure to environmental toxins can create incredible improvements in chronic diseases?

My guest this episode is what many doctors would call a medical miracle. Years ago she was diagnosed with progressive multiple sclerosis, which left her wheelchair-bound and quickly on her way to an early death. However, after determining how to maximize the delivery of nutrients and energy to her brain cells, she was able to not only halt the progression of her disease, but reverse it. She went from being confined to a wheelchair to completing an 18 mile bicycle tour. And she did this without medications. She reversed her multiple sclerosis using the power of food.

If you have someone in your life who is suffering from autoimmune disease, and conventional medications and conventional medicine is failing him or her, then you must see or hear this episode.

Please join me and Dr. Terry Wahls, as we reveal a revolutionary diet to treat chronic autoimmune conditions.

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