Separating Conjoined Twins
With Dr. Oren Tepper

(Episode 36): Separating Conjoined Twins
With Dr. Oren Tepper

Approximately one in every 2.5 million babies are born with craniopagus, or conjoined twins attached by the head. Jadon and Anias, two 13-month old brothers, were born with this condition and without surgically separating them, their lives would be incomprehensibly difficult. So Jadon and Anias’s parents moved from their home in Illinois to the Bronx, where they met pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. James Goodrich and my next guest, a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in craniofacial reconstruction.

After a grueling 27-hour operation, Jaden and Anias, who previously had been attached by the head, were separated for the first time. It is an amazing story of survival, hope, and the power of modern medicine to perform miracles.

Please join me and my guest, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Oren Tepper, as we discuss his experience Separating Conjoined Twins.

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