Seven Top Tips for a Healthy Gut Microbiome with Summer Bock

(Episode 144): Seven Top Tips for a Healthy Gut Microbiome with Summer Bock

Your microbiome is the key to your gut health… and the health of so much more. Studies are showing that the trillions of bacteria that compose our microbiomes are key players in the health of not only our GI tract, but also the appearance of our skin and even the function of our brains. But what should you do to optimize the health of your microbiome?

On this episode of the Holistic Plastic Surgery Show, I’m joined by a good friend of mine who is an expert in the microbiome. She is going to give us her top seven tips for creating a healthy gut microbiome. These will include revealing which incredibly important foods have been virtually eliminated from the standard American diet, how a simple mouth spray can prime your digestive system for optimal function, why the number of different foods you eat matters, which foods feed the healthy bacteria in your gut, and a whole lot more.

This episode will not only help you improve the appearance of your skin, but also your overall health.

Join me and my good friend, holistic nutrition expert Summer Bock, as we reveal her Seven Top Tips for a Healthy Gut Microbiome.

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