The Best Advice from the First 100 Episodes

(Episode 100): The Best Advice from the First 100 Episodes

This episode is a huge milestone. Most podcasts never get to 100 episodes, and if they do, then they’re limping along by then. The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show has reached 100 episodes and continues to grow and gain listeners. It’s by far the most listened-to plastic surgery podcast in the United States.

So on this episode, we’re giving you the 10 best pieces of advice from the first 100 shows. This advice is simple, actionable, and can make massive differences in your health and appearance. You’ll learn a 5-minute test everyone over 50 should take in order to see if they have silent heart disease, how to tweak your breakfast for better-looking skin, what exercise everyone over 50 should be doing, what advice all plastic surgeons are giving, and much more.

Please join me and nine of my best guests to give you The Best Advice from the First 100 Episodes.

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