The Healthy Skin Diet with Jennifer Fugo

(Episode 136): The Healthy Skin Diet with Jennifer Fugo

The health of our bodies shows on our skin. Rashes, eczema, and even wrinkles can all be caused by health issues going on elsewhere, especially our gut. This gut-skin axis is one of the hottest topics in holistic skin health today.

So what diet is best for improving the health of your skin? Should you eat gluten-free? What about dairy? How much protein should you eat each day? And what does stress have to do with all this?

On this episode of the Holistic Plastic Surgery Show, I’m joined by a nutritionist who is an expert in the gut-skin connection. She’s going to give you the tools to determine what could be the underlying root cause of your skin issues. We’ll cover which foods to eat and which to avoid, what simple lifestyle changes can reap huge rewards in your skin, and even a simple DIY test to determine if you are making enough stomach acids to digest your food properly. It’s an information-packed show.

Join me and my good friend, clinical nutritionist Jennifer Fugo, as we reveal The Healthy Skin Diet.

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