Two Weeks To Clean
And Beautiful Skin
With Dr. Trevor Cates

(Episode 4): Two Weeks To Clean
And Beautiful Skin
With Dr. Trevor Cates

Have you questioned whether the skin care products you put on your face have too many chemicals, additives, and preservatives to actually be good for you? Have you wondered if all of these ingredients, with names you can’t even pronounce, truly make your skin healthier? And how does what you eat play into how your skin looks? Is there a connection between the health of your gut and the health and the appearance of your skin?

My guest on this week’s podcast has made it her life’s mission to educate America on how to achieve clean skin from within. She has identified six root causes behind imperfect skin, a significant departure from traditional dermatology. And by focusing on these six root causes of skin disorders, she has put together a revolutionary two week plan to achieve clean, healthy, and youthful skin.

Please join me and my guest, Dr. Trevor Cates, as we reveal how to achieve clean and beautiful skin in just two weeks.

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