13 Bizarre But Popular Plastic Surgeries

If you’ve ever wondered what some of the most unusual plastic surgeries are, I’ve got the article for you.  I created a slideshow with CBSNews.com and some of my esteemed plastic surgeon colleagues throughout the country to showcase strange, effective, and niche plastic surgery procedures that you may not know about.  All of these procedures work, and work well (according to the surgeons who perform them!).  If you consider having one of these done, make sure you visit a plastic surgeon who is experienced in that technique.  Some of these (several of them!) I don’t do myself.

You can view the slideshow HERE.

Thank you to the following nationally-renowned plastic surgeons for submitting their photos: Dr. John Millard (Colorado), Dr. Richard Ellenbogen (Los Angeles), Dr. Remus Repta (Scottsdale, AZ), Dr. Daniel Yamini (Los Angeles), and Dr. Alan Bauman (Florida).

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  1. Wow, that was really interesting, particularly the upper lip lift. I had wondered why there was suddenly so much space between my nose and upper lip and it was simply the fact of my having gotten so old. I don’t plan to do anything about it but at least I know what’s going on.

    I choose to be the only old woman in Southern California with most of her original parts, grey hair, shar-pei neck, and the entire body going south. These do not delight me but at least my mind is young and creative.

    How dramatic Dr. Youn’s jaw reduction surgery was. He’s absolutely gorgeous.

    Comment by Marly Harris on July 17, 2011 at 6:46 pm

  2. The grin lift result looks good. For that particular patient, the scars are preferable to the deep crevasses. I’m not as old as that patient, my doctor injected Juvederm and it had the same effect. Wonderful stuff, Juvederm, the results lasted for more than a year and I’ll have it done again soon.

    Regarding upper lip lift, there is a very very fine line between appropriate and too much. Millimeters. Go just the tiniest bit overboard and you’ll look like you’ve got a lip deformity.

    Chubby cheeks in #7 looks worse after than before. The woman is clearly overweight, if she wanted less fat in her face she’d be better off losing 30 pounds, and she’d have the benefit of a thinner body too.

    Dr. Youn, your chin reduction result is awesome! You were a good candidate and the surgeon did a fantastic job.

    As for genital cosmetic surgery, I personally would shy away from anything that could damage nerve endings or create scar tissue. That includes piercings!

    Comment by Tamara on July 18, 2011 at 6:00 pm

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