13 Bizarre But Popular Plastic Surgeries

  • Posted on: Jul 17 2011
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If you’ve ever wondered what some of the most unusual plastic surgeries are, I’ve got the article for you.  I created a slideshow with CBSNews.com and some of my esteemed plastic surgeon colleagues throughout the country to showcase strange, effective, and niche plastic surgery procedures that you may not know about.  All of these procedures work, and work well (according to the surgeons who perform them!).  If you consider having one of these done, make sure you visit a plastic surgeon who is experienced in that technique.  Some of these (several of them!) I don’t do myself.

You can view the slideshow HERE.

Thank you to the following nationally-renowned plastic surgeons for submitting their photos: Dr. John Millard (Colorado), Dr. Richard Ellenbogen (Los Angeles), Dr. Remus Repta (Scottsdale, AZ), Dr. Daniel Yamini (Los Angeles), and Dr. Alan Bauman (Florida).

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