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I had a little extra time over the holiday weekend to catch up with some programs on my TiVo. Addicted to Beauty is a reality program on Oxygen that follows the employees at Changes Plastic Surgery and Medspa in La Holla.

I’ve actually found the show to be quite entertaining. Although some of their employees wouldn’t last a week in my office (Hello, Gary the drama queen!), it’s fun to see how other people deal with such infighting and personality issues. I don’t know how Dr. Gilbert Lee puts up with all of them. He seems like a level-headed guy. The only ones I would consider hiring are Natasha (the administrative assistant who is a knockout AND a hard-working team player) and Melanie (the no nonsense office manager).

This is a show that is worth checking out if you are into the plastic surgery and medspa world. Also be sure to catch Youth Knows No Pain, the plastic surgery-related documentary on HBO and its sister channels. You can see its schedule here.

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