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  • Posted on: Sep 19 2012
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A new study on an investigational breast implant shows that it could have some considerable benefits compared to the currently utilized breast implants.  According to a study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the Ideal Implant (a double-lumen, saline-filled breast implant) has a high rate of patient and surgeon satisfaction, low rate of wrinkling, and a surprisingly low rate of capsular contracture when compared to the single lumen saline implants used today.  Here are the results:

Two-year follow-up  visits were completed by 472 of the 502 women (94.0%) enrolled at 35  private practices, 378 of whom had undergone primary breast augmentation and 94 of whom had received replacement augmentation. Patient-reported  satisfaction with the outcome was 94.3% for primary augmentations and  92.3% for replacement augmentations; surgeon-reported satisfaction was  also high (96.5% and 93.4%, respectively). The incidence of  moderate-to-severe wrinkling was 3.8% (primary) and 12.0% (replacement).  Baker Grade III and IV capsular contracture rates were 3.8% (primary)  and 8.2% (replacement). These two-year rates are lower than those  reported for current single-lumen saline implants at one year.  Deflations, none of which were caused by a shell fold flaw, occurred in  4.8% of primary augmentations and 3.3% of replacement augmentations.

I’ve had the privilege of examining the Ideal Implant and talking with its developer, and so far I’m impressed.  The implant feels more natural than traditional saline implants, but without the controversy of silicone implants.  Unfortunately, it’s not FDA approved yet.  When it does achieve FDA approval, however, I will announce it on this site!

For more information on the Ideal Implant, click HERE to visit their website.

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