A Bra That Prevents Breast Cancer?? No…

There’s an interesting segment from Good Morning America which analyzes the Brassage. This is a bra manufactured by Intimate Health which claims (according to the program) to massage away toxins from the breast, thereby preventing and possibly treating disease and infection, and maybe even cancer.

Before you run out and buy this bra, I would caution that there is no science that supports that a bra prevents or treats any illnesses. “Removing toxins” is a pretty popular term nowadays as a catch-all for any whacky or off-the-wall treatment that claims to improve a person’s health. Technically, I remove toxins every hour or two when I use the bathroom.

While the GMA broadcast completely discredits the Brassage, I wouldn’t be so quick in dismissing it. In fact, I would put it on a pedestal with two other well-known and revolutionary bras: The Bro and The Manzier.

For the GMA broadcast, click here.

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