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Does the Brava Breast Enhancement Device Work?

The Brava system is a nonsurgical breast enlargement device that claims to increase the size of your breasts 1/2 to 2 cups after 10 weeks of use. The wearer is supposed to use the device for a minimum of 10 hours a day and avoid missing even one day’s worth of treatment. There has been […]

Juvederm XC – Less Painful Injectable Filler?

Allergan has just received FDA approval for Juvederm XC, the newest hyaluronic acid injectable filler formulated with lidocaine for greater comfort. In their study they found that 93% of the patients treated with Juvederm XC had less pain than when treated with the non-lidocaine formulation of Juvederm. That sounds good to me. I’m very fond […]

The Decade’s Top 10 Plastic Surgery Stories

Plastic Surgery News, the official newsletter of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, has released their Top 10 Plastic Surgery Stories of the Decade. Here they are: 1. Face Transplantation Becomes a Reality 2. Silicone Implants Return 3. Plastic Surgery and Reality TV 4. Botox Launches Minimally Invasive Trend 5. The Next Generation of Soft […]

Cytori Gets FDA Approval For PureGraft System

Cytori Therapeutics, one of the world leaders in stem cell technology, has recently received FDA approval for its PureGraft system. Now, this is not a stem cell harvesting machine, but instead is a device that makes fat grafting more efficient. According to released information, PureGraft helps to prepare fat for reinjection within about 15 minutes. […]

iPhone Apps That Remove Wrinkles, Cellulite, and Even Grow Hair?

Now I’ve heard of everything! There is a company that is selling iPhone Apps that claim to erase wrinkles, smooth cellulite, reduce puffy eyes, and even grow hair! Here is the company’s explanation of how using their iPhone app can erase wrinkles: The wrinkle eraser uses green color and the Jade gemstone to increase collagen […]

Dr. Youn’s Plastic Surgery Predictions for 2010 (Cont.)

And now, the final four of Dr. Youn’s Plastic Surgery Predictions for 2010: 4. The Lunchtime “One Hour” Mini-Facelifts will Continue to Be Exposed For What They Are: Misleading Advertising by Poorly Trained Cosmetic Surgeons – 2009 saw one mini-facelift company fined by a state attorney general for posting false internet reviews. The numbers of […]

Dr. Youn’s Plastic Surgery Predictions for 2010

A few weeks ago I posted how I did with my plastic surgery predictions for 2009. So what do I think 2010 has in store for plastic surgery? Here’s a rundown of my Top 8 Plastic Surgery Predictions for 2010: 8. After a couple years without a new, successful plastic surgery reality program, a new […]

The Bo-Tax is Dead

Breaking News: The Bo-Tax has died. The proposed 5% tax on cosmetic plastic surgery has been removed from the final draft which was agreed to by the final Democratic senator holdout. Hopefully we will not see the Bo-Tax rear its ugly head again… Thanks for reading. Michigan-based Plastic Surgeon Anthony Youn, M.D.

Do It Yourself Plastic Surgery?

There was an interesting segment on 20/20 regarding Do It Yourself plastic surgery. Some of the stories are unbelievable, with some horrific results. I find it amazing that people would buy items on the internet and inject themselves with them. I don’t mind giving injections and performing surgery, but I still can’t look when I […]

How Did I Do With My 2009 Predictions?

One year ago I gave my Top 9 Plastic Surgery Predictions for 2009. How did I do? Am I a modern day plastic surgery Nostradamus? Or maybe just full of it? (Dr. Hainer: Don’t Answer That) Well, here are the predictions I gave one year ago and whether they were right or wrong:9. Plastic surgery […]

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