Celebrity Noses in Jane magazine


Which are the best celebrity noses? I was interviewed recently by “Jane” magazine, where they asked me which celebrity noses are most requested by patients to look like. They printed my responses in this past month’s magazine, as shown above. By far, the most requested celebrity nose is Halle Berry. I have gotten a lot of African American women who have asked for a nose like hers. Which nose do people NOT want to have? It’s probably a tie between Michael Jackson and Jennifer Grey (after the nose-job, not before). Michael’s nose is obviously worse than Jennifer’s, but it’s the change in Jennifer’s overall appearance that people don’t like. She doesn’t look like “Jennifer Grey” anymore, and it may have unfortunately affected her career. But I have no doubt she may resurface again, since Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner!

Posted in: Dr. Anthony Youn in the Media

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