Cosmetic Toe Surgery On The Rise

  • Posted on: Jul 14 2012
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Nightline recently aired this video describing the new trend in cosmetic toe surgery. Podiatrists are now shortening toes, injecting fat into the balls of the feet, and even treating “toe-besity,” or excessively fat toes. I’ve never performed any of these procedures, but I can understand why some women would want to shorten their second toes for comfort reasons. Some women with excessively-long second toes suffer pain when wearing shoes, even if they’re not fancy stilettos, as the long second toe can rub and cramp on the front of the shoe. Fat or Restylane can be injected into the balls of the feet to increase comfort for people who stand a lot during the day.

I have nothing against podiatrists performing cosmetic foot surgery. It’s socially acceptable for plastic surgeons to enlare breasts, liposuction fat, and lift faces. Some plastic surgeons are even performing cosmetic genital surgery (not me). So why not make the feet look nicer?

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