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There is a great article written by Natasha Singer in the New York Times on the state of plastic surgery in the current economy. The article focuses on how plastic surgery big ticket items, such as facelifts and tummy tucks, have been affected by the recent downturn in the economy. While the demand for less invasive (and less expensive) treatments like Botox and Restylane grows, the amount of actual surgery performed has increased at a snail’s pace according to statistics by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Part of this may be due to people having less disposable income. This has resulted in declines in the waiting lists for even the most prominent plastic surgeons. Two plastic surgeons featured on TV, Dr. Anthony Griffin and Dr. Linda Li, have undergone decreases in their wait times for consultations to 3 months and 1 month respectively.

I think part of the downturn in business for plastic surgeons is also due to the emergence of non-plastic surgeons performing plastic surgery, often at bargain-basement prices. I do find, however, that some of these fake plastic surgeons funnel patients my way, as their victims often need to find a reputable surgeon to fix their botched surgery…

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