Evolence is Dead? Plastic Surgeon is Murdered?

A couple big things in the world of plastic surgery:

1. Johnson and Johnson has discontinued its wrinkle filler Evolence. According to an article from Real Self.com the collagen product has been taken off the market and is up for sale. I have never used Evolence although have been invited to become an “Evolence Star.” Because the results weren’t impressive and I saw no advantage of this product over Restylane or Juvederm, I never bothered to get trained in it. I do know some great plastic surgeons who are big supporters of Evolence, so I’m sure they’re disappointed. Maybe it will rise from the ashes like Artefill.

2. It appears that a prominent Tulane plastic surgeon has been stabbed to death and his home set on fire. In a horribly tragic story, reconstructive plastic surgeon Dr. Ralph Newsome, Jr. was knifed to death and then had his French Quarter home set on fire. He was a very accomplished surgeon who mainly treated trauma victims and cancer patients. Was it one of his patients who murdered him? It’s possible. I actually know some plastic surgeons who pack heat in case a disgruntled patient decides to attack them. It’s truly a scary world out there.

For more on Dr. Newsome, click here.

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