Face Eating Victim’s Post-Surgery Images

This video is from CNN.com. As you can see, this poor man’s upper face has been completely destroyed. The only time I’ve seen anything like this was described in my book when a raccoon ate most of a baby’s face. Both stories are tragic, however new plastic surgery techniques may give this man some hope. Face transplants are now a reality, and could be an option for him (at a later time) to help save his remaining eyeball.

FYI: If you watch the video you’ll hear the plastic surgeon refer to oculoplastic surgeons helping her with reconstructing his eyelids. Oculoplastic surgeons are opthalmologists specially trained in plastic surgery of the eyes and eyelids.

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  1. If only he was getting this much help with his homelessness before the cannibal got to him. Truly a sad story.

    Comment by Leslie on June 14, 2012 at 4:04 pm

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