Fullness In, Tautness Out – Old News?

The Early Show on CBS had a segment this morning explaining the “new” trend in plastic surgery: Adding volume instead of just lifting. They explained that adding fullness to the cheeks is a key component of reversing aging and creating the most naturally youthful look possible.

Is this old news? When I did my aesthetic surgery fellowship with Dr. Richard Ellenbogen five years ago, the importance of volume enhancement in facial rejuvenation was the most important thing he taught me. We even published an article in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal about it, entitled the Volumetric Facelift. Click here for the article.

I strongly agree that adding fullness into a face is an extremely important part of reversing aging. I teach my patients that aging is a 3-Dimensional process. The best methods for volume addition are surgical facial fat grafting or nonsurgical Sculptra injections (not approved by the FDA for general cosmetic use). These are some of my favorite procedures to perform, as the results can be very natural and very powerful.

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Michigan-based Plastic Surgeon

Anthony Youn, M.D.

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