Interesting and Simple Way to Preview a Nose Job

  • Posted on: Jul 13 2014
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Have you ever considered getting a nose job but didn’t want surgery?  Have you had a botched nose job?  More and more doctors are now injecting filler into the nose to correct defects and even to make it look straighter.  A friend of mine, and prominent Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Kotler, has devised a very simple way to preview how your nose would look if you had filler injected into it.  He calls it the 5 Minute Kotler Saline Demo.  Basically, he injects saline into your nose to change the shape of it for a couple hours.  Then the saline disappears.  It’s a simple but effective way to find out how your nose will look without going through with it.

You can find out more information on his website HERE.

In plastic surgery, sometimes the simple solutions are the ones that work the best!

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