An Internal Bra for Breast Lifts?


Physicians overseas have begun using various types of internal bras to help with breast lift surgery. One of the most frustrating things about performing a breast lift is that no matter how high a surgeon may lift a breast, gravity always takes hold and eventually causes that breast to droop once again. Because the only thing that keeps a lifted breast from drooping is the quality of the skin and breast tissue, it’s inevitable that every lifted breast will gradually sag with time, especially if implants are involved.

Knowing this, plastic surgeons in Europe and South Africa are working on implantable internal bras to help prevent breasts from sagging after breast lifts. The devices are similar to the mesh used to prevent hernias from recurring, and basically act as a hammock for the breast. These products do have some merit, in my opinion, but unfortunately it’s going to be quite some time before we see them in the States.

For more information, check out the following article from the NY Daily News.

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