Johnson and Johnson Buys Mentor for $1.07 Billion

How much does it cost to buy the US’s top breast implant manufacturer? Johnson and Johnson recently acquired breast implant manufacturer, Mentor Corp, for a reported $1.07 billion. For those of you who hold stock in this company (like me, albeit not a whole lot), the purchase has caused the stock to skyrocket in price nearly 90%. What does this mean for the plastic surgeon and the plastic surgery patient?

Probably not much. J & J has been promoting their new dermal filler Evolence, which competes with Juvederm from Allergan (the other breast implant manufacturer). Mentor is currently working on PurTox as a competitor to Botox, but it likely won’t be FDA approved for another year or two. I almost exclusively use Mentor breast implants, and have had a good relationship with the company. I hope that the J & J purchase doesn’t affect how the company does business with its doctors and patients. I doubt that it will, but time will tell.

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Anthony Youn, M.D.

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