NJ Woman Charged With Killing Man With Penis Injections

  • Posted on: Sep 14 2012
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Strange and scary story out of New Jersey.  From Medical Daily.com:

A New Jersey woman who pretended to be a cosmetic surgery professional has  pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to charges of reckless manslaughter after one of  her “patients” who hoped to get a penis enlargement died from a silicone  injection.

If convicted, Kasia Rivera, 35, could face up to ten years behind bars.   Rivera was arrested in December last year following the death of  22-year-old Justin Street who had attended a ‘pumping party’ at her East Orange  home on May 5 seeking a penile enlargement procedure, which authorities claim  that Rivera advertised for in fliers at local businesses.

Authorities say that Rivera had administered a silicone shot into Street’s  penis in her apartment with no medical license or training.

Police say that Street, a father of two, had died of a silicone embolism, and  they say that Rivera may be may be guilty of having administered similar black  market injections to other unsuspecting customers. His death was ruled as a  homicide following an investigation.

Rivera now faces charges of manslaughter and the unauthorized practice of  medicine at Newark court where she appeared Tuesday. However, no others  have come forward to testify and Rivera remains free after making the $75,000  bail.
Read more at  https://www.medicaldaily.com/articles/12067/20120912/nj-woman-charged-killing-man-penis-injec.htm#ec5Yeo4LBMXzCVKR.99

Seriously?!?!  Who goes to an apartment and gets his penis injected by some random woman?  I suppose this is Natural Selection at work!

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