Official 2013 Plastic Surgery Statistics – Most Plastic Surgery Since the Great Recession

  • Posted on: Mar 25 2014
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The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recently released its annual plastic surgery statistics from the year before.  Here are some highlights:

·         There was a 6.5% increase in the total number of surgical procedures performed last year as compared to 2012. Almost 2 million procedures were performed among the core group last year

·         Americans spent $12 billion on cosmetic procedures for the first time since 2008 when the recession hit

o   Of that total, more than 7 billion was spent on surgical procedures  and more than 5 billion was spent on  nonsurgical procedures

·         Lipo was the number one procedure, increasing 16% over 2012. This is in spite of the burgeoning growth of technologies such as CoolSculpting

·         As previously stated, Buttock augmentation has increased 58% over last year and Labiaplasty increased 44% over last year

·         Injectables are way up this year:

o   Botulinum toxin, (Botox, Dysport and Xeomin): 3,381,476  in 2013 – up from 2,915,865 in 2012 – a 16% increase

o   Hyaluronic acid:  1,738,999 for 2013 – up from 1,318,197 in 2012  –  a 32% increase

·         Aesthetic plastic surgery for men is being de-stigmatized

o   Liposuction is up for men by 24% since last year alone

o   Injectables for men are up 16%

o   Men broke the million mark for number of procedures performed first time since 2007

There are a few surprises here.  I’ve seen my personal numbers for liposuction surgery decrease, I believe due to the plethora of non-surgical liposuction alternatives out there.  Although these alternatives (like Coolsculpting and Body FX) don’t have nearly the dramatic results of actual liposuction, a lot of people are having them done.  With the FDA approval of the cheek filler Voluma, I expect hyaluronic acid filler injections to increase significantly in 2014, with a decrease in injections of Sculptra.  I’ve found Voluma to be a very effective alternative to Sculptra and fat grafting in many patients.

Plastic surgery was definitely hot in 2013.  I think the numbers will be significantly higher in 2014.

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