Putting Vanity (And Botox) On Hold

There are more and more articles appearing regarding the state of plastic surgery in today’s economy. An excellent article by New York Times writer Natasha Singer called Putting Vanity (and Botox) on Hold finds that people are re-evaluating their priorities and spending less on plastic surgery today. One estimate finds that business is down 30-40 percent in Orange County, one of the biggest markets for plastic surgery in the country. In addition, many people are foregoing the more expensive surgical procedures and substituting less expensive injectable procedures as a way to stall aging until the economy improves, 401K’s recover, and people feel more comfortable with larger purchases.

Here in Metro Detroit, we have all breathed a sigh of relief as President Bush proposed a $14 billion loan to bail out the auto industry. While times here are very tough, the collapse of even one of the Big 3 U.S. automakers would have been absolutely devastating, with hundreds of thousands of people projected to lose their jobs as a result.

I don’t put my political opinions in this blog, but I feel the need to do it just this one time. I’d like to give out a “You’re a Self-Serving Jackass” award to the following people who led the opposition to the automakers’ bailout: Senator Mitch McConnell, Senator Bob Corker, Senator Richard Shelby, and even native Michigander Mitt Romney. How many billions of dollars are we spending on Iraq and Afghanistan, and you won’t even give a $14 billion LOAN to an industry which supports millions of American jobs? Shame on all of you.

Whew! It’s nice to get that off my chest. Now back to celebrity plastic surgery. Tomorrow we will focus on Nicole Kidman’s forehead…

Thanks for reading.

Michigan-based Plastic Surgeon
Anthony Youn, M.D.

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