Rachael Ray Show 90 Second Facelift Products – Nutralift Instant Results and Sudden Change Undereye Serum

  • Posted on: Jan 12 2011
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I’ve received emails from many people who are looking for the three products we tested on the Rachael Ray Show on the 90 Second Facelift segment. You can view part of the segment here.

Below you will see links to purchase two of the products (Nutralift Instant Results and Sudden Change) from Amazon.com. While the results you saw on TV were untouched and unmanipulated, remember that these products offer a temporary change only. As a physician, I do not believe that continued use of these products will result in creating more youthful skin. They are more of a quick fix. For medical-grade, active skin care products which will create longer lasting change, I recommend that you visit my online store here for medical grade skin care products like Obagi. These are much more likely to reverse the changes of aging skin, instead of covering them up for a short period of time.

That being said (written), the results you saw on TV were real. You can purchase Sudden Change undereye serum (for puffiness under the eyes) and Nutralift Instant Results cream below!

While you are there, please consider checking out my book about becoming a plastic surgeon, In Stitches! It’s been recommended by none other than Rachael Ray!

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