Suspects Flee After Buttock Injections Result in Death

Two women are sought by the authorities after allegedly performing illegal silicone injections into the buttocks of a woman who subsequently died. Guadalupe Viveros and Alejandra Viveros are believed to have fled to Mexico after posting $20,000 bail. This story has achieved national headlines with CNN’s Nancy Grace focusing on it this week. If you have info on these fugitives, click here.

These types of illegal injections are unfortunately more common than most people realize. It seems that many of these phony plastic surgeons come from other countries to prey on immigrants here in the States. On a recent trip to Boston’s Chinatown, I was shocked at the number of Botox and other cosmetic surgery clinics located in dingy storefront windows next door to stinky fish markets. Not the place I would go for plastic surgery! Or food, for that matter…

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